What Are the Traits of a Great Leader in Network Marketing?

Some people get involved in network marketing as a side hustle to supplement their regular income. However, many people become network marketers because they want to join the ranks of leaders in the profession. They want to grow into top earners, enjoying the success of earning six or seven figures a year. 

In order to reach that level, you need to surround yourself with network marketing leaders and follow their example. So, what characteristics separate the successful business owner from the amateur? Here are five network marketing leadership traits.


Network marketing leaders all treat their businesses like a full-time occupation. They are true executives who take total responsibility for growing their companies. To be a leader in the network marketing field, you cannot treat your business like a pastime. You must make a commitment to excellence, and declare yourself a “network marketing professional.” There are important skills that are essential to building a six- or seven-figure business, and leaders became experts at those skills to get where they are.


The key to building a successful network marketing business is persistent prospecting. Leaders in this profession work very hard and deliver a consistent effort year after year. Network marketers must always be on the lookout for potential customers and work diligently on developing those relationships. In order to educate others about your service or product, you need to develop trust. 

This can involve many repeated contacts, either through email, phone, or in-person over a long period of time. Most potential clients will need four to six exposures to your business before they join. Leaders understand that a “no” is very often simply a “not right now,” and they continue to follow up and schedule future exposures.


Patience really is a virtue in network marketing if you want to be a leader in the industry. You need to be persistent to build up your prospects, customers, and teams, but you will also need to invest several years of consistent effort before you will become successful.

Traditional businesses take a few years to produce a return on their initial investment, and network marketing leaders understand this. In order to grow their successful businesses, leaders have had to grow their skills, which takes time. Your business will only grow as fast as you grow, so you must continue to develop your skills to move forward.


In order to find success in the network marketing industry, you don’t need to re-invent the wheel. You simply need to find someone who is successful and copy them. Future leaders are humble and coachable. They learn from every experience, good or bad, in order to grow their skills.

They are permanent students who are always learning and developing. To join the ranks of top earners, learn the secrets of successful marketers and simply do what they have done. Then once you’ve reached the top, you can share those skills with others.


Once leaders have mastered the skills to become network marketing success stories, they help other people to achieve that same level of success. They share what they have learned and commit to helping others grow. Leaders are also good listeners. They really pay attention to the problems of the people around them so they can understand how to help.

Network marketing leaders help friends and family by educating them about their businesses and connecting them to the products or services that they need. And they help people develop their own businesses by becoming coaches and teaching them everything they know.

Network marketing is a challenging career, but many people have found long-term success by becoming leaders in the industry. They have dedicated themselves to growing the skills necessary to build a thriving business, achieving financial independence and helping others to create better lives for themselves. You can build the life you’ve always dreamed of once you have the essential network marketing leadership traits. 

If you are coachable and consistently build your professional skill set, the sky is the limit. If you are persistent in your effort and patient, success will come to you. And helping others always brings benefits in return. Just ask the leaders around you!

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